Puff Pastry Products

The puff pastry is perfect fluffy dough made of fine flour, and margarine and
inflate when cooked, creating layers of sheets. They were designed to
make easy and tasty creations. With great pleasure we present you
our new product, Milk Butter 99,9% Puff Pastry, .

sfoliata product

Puff pastry

50 X 70 cm

milfeig product


100 pcs | Weight: 0,90/pcs

milfedaki product

Small Millefeuille

300 pcs | Weight: 0,13/pcs

korne product

Puff Pastry Cone

100 pcs | Weight: 0,98/pcs

kornedaki product

Small Puff Pastry Cone

300 pcs | Weight: 0,18/pcs